2008 - 2009
KTA Standing Committees

Political Action
Barbara St. George
Fran Bevans
Vikki Johnson
Colleen Fogarty
Stacia Leavitt

Social Committee
Brette Blette
Sharon Magliano
Jacqui Connolly
Linda Duggan
Brianne Leary
Liz McCartney
Susan Sontag
Marilyn Watson
Lisa Whittemore
Heidi Feldheim
Kara Foresteire

By-Law Committe
Amanda Doyle
Christine McDougall
Amy Roy

Fund-Raising Committee
Kathy Aubut
Donna Tresca
Diane Belcher
Erik Todd
Barbara Carvalho
Marlene Daly
Stacia Leavitt
Nicole Morganella
Nancy Veaudry

Health & Safety Committee
Dylan Civale
Kate Gallant
Coleen Kellogg
Stacia Leavitt
Jody Lunn
Jody Mathewson
Erin Smith
Donna Sullivan
Colette Walkins

"In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and
the rest of us would have to settle for something less."   ~ Lee Iacocca